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Kurdistan on the Sèvres Centenary: How a Distinct People Became the World’s Largest Stateless Nation

Loqman RadpeyUniversity of Edinburgh, School of Law, Edinburgh, ScotlandEmail: l.radpey@ed.ac.uk https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/nationalities-papers/article/abs/kurdistan-on-the-sevres-centenary-how-a-distinct-people-became-the-worlds-largest-stateless-nation/A8A41F9088ABB9443BCEFF51EAAEC76D AbstractIn August 1920, the political fate of the Kurdish nation, along with its territory, Kurdistan, were on the line,after the Allies asserted their interest in national rights to self-determination following World War I. Underthe Treaty of Sèvres, Kurds were acknowledged as an ethno-political entity in the Wilsonian perspective,yet the ideal of self-determination failed to crystallize as a...

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