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President Emmanuel Macron and Masih Alinejad
Photo: Maish Alinejad

Wall Street Journal: Emmanuel Macron Supports Iran’s New Revolution

France’s president speaks boldly after meeting Masih Alinejad and three other activists.


I met Masih Alinejad in New York. This brave Iranian-American journalist, who has pleaded the cause of her countrywomen (and men) before Antony Blinken, Mike Pompeo and Hillary Clinton, is an exceptional political animal, her strong head surrounded by the mane of a lion, an iron will behind the Baudelairean lightness of her “fleecy hair, falling in curls to the shoulders.”

I admire her casual air in describing the kidnapping and assassination plots she has survived in the U.S. She mentioned that she’d like to have a photo taken with me and my friend Salman Rushdie. I observe the maturity with which she explains that the wisps of her angry sisters’ hair will become—if we support these women against the bats and rifles of the basij—the wicks of a moral bomb capable of blowing away the chadors of shame, the veils of humiliation, the leaden yokes of the regime.

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