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Rudaw: Assad forces enter northeast Syria as US prepares ‘crippling’ sanctions on Turkey

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Syrian Arab Army forces have entered Kurdish towns on Syria’s northern border with Turkey following an eleventh-hour deal between the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the regime of Bashar al-Assad. US President Donald Trump meanwhile has ordered the evacuation of the last remaining Green Berets from northern Syria. The Turkish military launched a relentless air and artillery campaign against SDF positions in northern...

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The New York Times: Pullback Leaves Green Berets Feeling ‘Ashamed,’ and Kurdish Allies Describing ‘Betrayal’

WASHINGTON — American commandos were working alongside Kurdish forces at an outpost in eastern Syria last year when they were attacked by columns of Syrian government tanks and hundreds of troops, including Russian mercenaries. In the next hours, the Americans threw the Pentagon’s arsenal at them, including B-52 strategic bombers. The attack was stopped. That operation, in the middle of the American-led campaign against the Islamic State in...

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The New York Times: Trump’s Abandonment of the Kurds in Syria Has Other Allies Worried

President Trump’s surprise acquiescence to a Turkish incursion into northern Syria this week has shaken American allies, and not just because it was a betrayal of a loyal partner. What alarmed them even more was his sheer unpredictability. His inconsistent and rapidly shifting positions in the Middle East have injected a new element of chaos into an already volatile region and have left allies guessing where the United...

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