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Minority parties voice support for President Barzani’s unity efforts

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani visited minority parties on Tuesday, with his “efforts aimed at achieving unity and resolving the pending issues” between the Region’s different political groups, according to a statement from Barzani’s office.

Leaders of the Kurdistan Communist Party and the Kurdistan Workers and Toilers Party met with President Barzani to discuss “the latest developments in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, challenges facing the country, drafting of the constitution, and relations between the Kurdistan Region and the Iraqi Federal Government,” read the statement.

In his endeavour to bring together the Kurdistan Regions’ political parties, Barzani has previously organized meetings. He hosted a meeting with leaders of the Kurdistan Region in April to calm tensions that occasionally arise between opposing parties.

The representatives of the two political parties “affirmed their full cooperation and support” for the efforts aimed at achieving cohesion and unity, according to the statement. The President stressed that “the Kurdistan Region will remain a land of peaceful coexistence and freedom,” voicing his gratitude for the support.

President Barzani consulted with political parties in May over the drafting of the Kurdistan Region’s first-ever constitution.

The Kurdistan Region does not currently have a constitution, and is instead governed by a series of laws, instructions and norms.

The Vice President of the Kurdistan Region, Sheikh Jaafar Sheikh Mustafa called for unity earlier this month, urging “the Kurds of all four parts of Kurdistan to join hands to root out all the oppression and tyranny that has been inflicted on us throughout history,” referring to the Kurds in Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Syria.

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