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Rudaw: 10 ISIS bases destroyed by Coalition on Mount Qarachogh: Peshmerga commander

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — The Global Coalition against the Islamic State (ISIS) bombarded the group’s bases on Mount Qarachogh, destroying 10 bases in 24 hours, a Peshmerga commander said on Thursday.

Ten ISIS bases, some of which had tunnels, were destroyed in a bombardment which began on Wednesday evening, Sirwan Barzani, commander of Peshmerga forces’ Gwer-Makhmour front, told Rudaw.

“The bombardment was conducted in cooperation with Peshmerga and Iraqi forces. During the period, ISIS was bombarded 28 times but no casualties have been reported,” said Barzani. 

The mountain is located near the disputed town of Makhmour, in Erbil province but disputed between the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). It has been a safe haven for ISIS sleeper cells – thanks to the security gap between Peshmerga and Iraqi forces, as well as the rugged landscape.

ISIS controlled swathes of Iraq in 2014 but was announced territorially defeated in late 2017. Sleeper cells continue to conduct regular attacks across the country.  

Six ISIS suspects were arrested in Kirkuk and Diyala, military spokesperson Yehia Rasool said on Thursday, adding that jets also bombarded ISIS fighters on Mount Hamrin in Diyala province.

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