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ALMASDAR NEWS: Turkish military captures strategic mountain in northern Iraq

BEIRUT, LEBANON (4:15 P.M.) – The Turkish forces imposed full control over the Iraqi border mountain of Khamtir, which overlooks Turkey this week.

The Khamtir Mountain is considered a strategic location that overlooks everything around it and it was captured by the Turkish forces after the intensification of airstrikes.

The governor of the northern Iraqi city of Dohuk announced that the Turkish forces launched an air and artillery bombardment on two border villages in the town of Barwari Bala and the district of Batiwah.

The mayor of the Darkar District had revealed on Sunday that Turkish forces had arrived at Jabal Shaqul via airdrop, and with air protection from helicopters.

He pointed out that the Turkish forces imposed control over the entire border mountain, and established 45 military points along the border, pointing out that this region is far from the whereabouts of the PKK elements, which Turkey considers a terrorist organization.

Referring to the Turkish Army , managed last month to penetrate into Iraqi territory with a depth of 15-30 km, and a length of 45-50 km.

The Khamtir Mountain is linked to the Zakho District in the Dohuk Governorate, the border area between the Iraqi-Kurdistan region and Turkey.

On June 17, Turkey announced the launch of Operation “Tiger Claw” in the Haftanin region in northern Iraq.

This operation has been condemned by the Iraqi authorities, who have demanded Turkey withdraw its forces from its country.

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