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Photo Credit: smoke coming out of areas targeted by Turkish artillery. Source: SOHR

Turkish bombardment on Tal Rifaat kills 9 children

Turkish army bombarded the city of Tal Rifaat in northern Syrian today with heavy artillery killing 10 civilians and wounding 21.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that 9 children and an elderly man were killed during artillery shelling on the city which has become a safe haven for Kurdish refugees who flew Afrin after the Turkish occupation on March 2018.

The Turkish army launched its operation Olive Branch against the Kurdish populated enclave in Afrin, northern Syria, on January 2018, causing thousands of victims and more than 100 thousand refugees.

These numbers were increased significantly after Turkish army handed over that region to its jihadist allies among the Syrian opposition. Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army is accused of large scale burglary, abduction and torture against the Kurdish population in Afrin.

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