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Photo credit: Al-Hol camp in northeastern Syria - Source: Reuters 

ISIS women stab a Syrian refugee 38 times in Al-Hol camp

A Syrian refugee was stabbed by women of foreign ISIS families at Al-Hol camp for refugees and IDPs, northeast Syria.

The camp’s administration told Arta FM (local radio station) that the 23 years-old Syrian refugee was stabbed 38 times after ISIS women attacked his tent at the camp.

Adding that the injured Syrian refugee was moved to the hospital, alerting about his critical situation.

Foreign ISIS women in Al-Hol camp have built a reputation of attacking other refugees and other local ISIS women. Arta FM reported that these women broke the head of a 15 years-old Iraqi child after attacking him with a hammer last Tuesday.

The local government complains about the burden of keeping ISIS foreign fighters and their families in detention, giving the concerned countries the choice of establishing an international court and helping in their detention, or retrieving their nationals from the camps.

The Turkish incursion into northeastern Syria has complicated the situation further more. About 800 of ISIS family members escaped from Ain Issa camp after Turkish air raid on its garrison last month, some of them declared later being received by ISIS sleeper cells in the desert.

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