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Thomas S. Kaplan and Bernard-Henri Lévy on why the Kurds are a Bulwark of Security & Stability

Revisiting the Concordia Summit 2018 where Justice for Kurds co-founders Thomas S. Kaplan and Bernard-Henri Lévy outlined why the Kurds are a bulwark of security and stability in the Middle East:

The Kurds are an ancient people who today are surrounded by dictatorships and extremism. Despite this tyranny of geography, Kurdish culture features a moderate Islam, a free and open society, equality for women, and a tolerance for religious and ethnic minorities. At the same time, the Kurds have remained a steadfast ally of the United States and the West, and have been the crucial frontline bulwark against ISIS and other terrorist organizations. The centuries-old quest for a Kurdish homeland has once again come into focus as their geopolitical importance as a force for stability in a turbulent region has been highlighted in recent years. In conversation with The Octavian Report publisher Richard Hurowitz, French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy and American investor Thomas S. Kaplan, Co-Founders of Justice for Kurds, a new Franco-American initiative, explore the role of the Kurds in the Middle East and in building a more just and secure international order.

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