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Rudaw: Peshmerga documentary screened on Capitol Hill

WASHINGTON DC – American lawmakers on Capitol Hill were presented with a special screening of a documentary about the Peshmerga Tuesday evening.

“Tonight, my friends the Peshmerga, the martyrs, the heroes, General Sirwan Barzani, Maghdid Harky, the martyrs, they entered into Capitol Hill. And it was such a treat for me, such an emotion to know that. Really I had tears in my eyes,” said French filmmaker Bernard-Henri Levy.

The screening of Peshmerga was sponsored by Senator Roger Wicker and Representative Ralph Abraham and was attended by lawmakers from both Republican and Democratic Party members.

Levy is a fierce supporter of the Kurdish cause.

“To have the Peshmerga enter into the Congress through this documentary, to have the Peshmerga raising their voice through this documentary inside the house of the law in America for me is an important event,” he said a day before the screening.

More than 1,700 Peshmerga gave their lives in the three-year ISIS conflict, and 10,000 more were injured.

The film has been shown in many festivals and capitals worldwide.

The US has been a close ally of the Kurdish forces, including providing funding to pay Peshmerga salaries.

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