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Bernard-Henri Lévy on the future of the Kurds at AIPAC Policy Conference 2018

The creation of JFK was announced at The American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s 2018 Policy Conference in Washington, D.C. on March 4. During a panel discussion on “The Kurds in the Middle East,” Bernard-Henri Lévy declared that a new not-for-profit organization, Justice for Kurds, had been formed in order to raise awareness for the Kurdish cause in the United States, in France and around the globe. The group will work to mobilize the collective consciousness to support the Kurds and reinforce the fact that this people, who exemplify enlighten Islam, is a force for stability and good in the region.

Bilal Wahab, fellow at The Washington Institute and Sinan Ciddi, Executive Diretcor of the Institute of Turkish Studies, and Dr. Colin Winston, AIPAC’s Senior Analyst and Deputy Director for Policy and Government Affairs, engaged in conversation with Lévy on the future of Kurdistan, their relationships with the United States and Israel and how united the Kurds are across the region.

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