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Double Feature Premiere of ‘Peshmerga’ and ‘The Battle of Mosul’ in DC

The Edlavitch DCJCC hosted a sold-out double-screening of Bernard-Henri Lévy’s films ‘Peshmerga’ and ‘Battle of Mosul’, depicting the struggle and sacrifice of Peshmerga soldiers in the fight against ISIS.

Mr. Levy documented a number of frontline Peshmerga units, witnessing ISIS attacks as well as Peshmerga offensives to clear areas of landmines and fighters. The second film focused on the Peshmerga efforts to clear villages around Mosul in preparation of the eventual liberation by Iraqi Security Forces.

In between the films, Mr. Levy joined the audience for a discussion on Kurdistan and its role in the Middle East as a force for stability. Esteemed guests included KRG Minister of the Interior and Peshmerga, Karim Sinjari, Permanent Representative to the USA Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman and Ret. Gen. William J. Fallon.

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